// Do you live in Australia?

I sure do!


// What camera do you use?

I use either my iPad mini or my Canon EOS 600d


// Who takes your photos for you?

Lucky for me, my brother is kind enough to take my photos for me!


// When are you posting next?

I don’t post on a certain day or date, it’s really just whenever i feel like it…

I try to post at least twice a week! more if possible!

But keep an eye out on my instagram for updates!


// What website did you use to create this blog?

I use WordPress… but i’ve heard blogger is also very good!


// How long have you been blogging?

I started on January 22nd…. so about 8 months now


// What are some of your favourite blogs?

Check them out here


// How can i contact you?

You are able to contact me via the contact button at the top of my blog, or just chuck me an e-mail directly at chelssearosee@gmail.com


// What effects do you use on your photos?

Well, i don’t edit my blog photos, but i do edit my instagram photos! I use after light for brightness and contrast, and vsco cam for filters, i usually use T1, or F2.. depending on what the photo is


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