Rough seas ahead

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spring is fast approaching, and to be perfectly honest, i couldn’t be happier. Warmer days, sunnier mornings, more coffee, ahhh, isn’t that just the dream? The warmth of spring is truly inviting, after 3 months of what seems like an awfully long and cold winter, isn’t everyone just so excited to be hanging up the bulky coats and swapping them for beautiful flowing tops and looser knits?

I love the seasons whilst i’m in them. The cold nights of winter, warm afternoons of spring,  sunny days of summer and the beautiful surroundings of autumn. I love the way the weather can change, it truly fascinates me.

This beautiful necklace from The Creative Room really gets me into the mood of Spring. The gorgeous colours tie in so well with the feeling and sense of one of my favourite seasons! Shop yours here.

 / Chelsea wears /

+ top, Marks & Spencer

+ jeans, Just Jeans

+ shoes, Jelly Beans

+ necklace, The Creative Room

Chels xxx


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