A little beach picnic ft. chessie

hello my beautiful chickadee’s,

Long time no see, and i’m so sorry about that! i’ve been so busy lately…. but no time for me to ramble on about how busy i was. It’s time for another video! wheewwwwww

I’m so so excited for you guys to see this video! ahhh, it was so much fun just sitting around on the beach with chess, laughing, trying to catch blueberries in our mouths, and stuffing our faces with heavenly cupcakes! We watched the sunset, and oh was it so beautiful. The water looked like glass as it reflected the many pinks and blues of the gorgeously lit sky. It was without a doubt one of the most memorable times i’ve spent with Chess so far!

So without any hesitation, here’s our little picnic video….

Chess and i also created a spotify playlist of our favourite songs which we listened to at the beach!

Listen and follow here

Chels xxxxx


4 thoughts on “A little beach picnic ft. chessie

  1. Absolutely love the video, you girls are both mega babes! It looks like so much, I must do this some time! xx

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