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recent instagrams

recently i have been…..

loving… watching morning, night and lazy day routines on youtube, oh my gosh, it just gets me so inspired and motivated, aha, as silly as it sounds!

watching… sex and the city, ahhh, i had watched a couple of the episode about a month ago, but it wasn’t until recently that i’ve really gotten into it! it’s so good ahhhh

reading… nothing really, aha, mainly just magazines such as frankie and catalogue, well, re-reading them, hehe

smelling…. my beautifully scented candles from ‘Black Arrow Candles’ and ‘Beau Boutique’ ahhh, i always light them when i get home, and when i’m doing my homework, or getting ready to go to bed (or watching sex and the city, aha) and they make my room smell so flipping good!

wearing…. my cream coat from dotti, ahhhh, i lurveee it!

listening to…. my spotify playlists! depending on my mood, i’ll either listen to my ‘happy chelsea’ playlist, ‘hello winter’ or my ‘sweet little chills’ playlist! I’ve specifically been listening to ‘Dirty Paws’ by Of Monsters and Men, ahhh, it’s so good! 

obsessing over…. Tyler Oakley’s ‘Tyler’s sleepy time’ playlist on spotify, oh my, it’s so soothing, relaxing and calming to listen to!

admiring…. instagram accounts that post tumblr photos. I remember when i had an account like hat, and it was oh so fun! but i could scroll through their feed all day, especially accounts that post tropical photos or gypsy/indie photos, ahhh, so good

organising…. my life practically, especially focusing on getting more homework done/doing better in school! writing up more to-do lists, and making sure i get them done!

Lots of Love,

Chels xxxxx


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