A little adventure

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So today, I spontaneously decided to take a walk down to my local beach, jump the fence, and climb down to the rocks on the shore. So i grabbed my peppermint tea, strawberries, warm blankets and a camera and was on my way.

After having a bit of a walk around the rocks, taking a few photos in between, i ended up walking back to where i had started. It made me really happy to just jump across from rock to rock, discovering new, secret little beaches and sitting spots.

I decided to set up this cute little spot, perched up on a rock, which you could only get to through a secret little pathway. It was dreamy, listing to the waves roll in, crashing on the rocks, the sound of passing boats and chirping birds. I ended up doing my homework, which was really calming for me! I had no distraction, well, besides the beautiful surroundings! I finished it quicker then i had ever before, and i guess it just says how distracting social media and other things in the house can be, i came to realise how much time i actually spend on social media, which was a huge eye-opener for me!

But then my favourite part, i fell asleep. It was truly so calming and humbling to fall asleep, out in the open air, listing to the waves, the sun on my face warming me up.

And the most amazing thing about all this, is that’s it’s winter. It just showed me that the world can be so diverse and in constant motion, with constantly changing whether. And although i do love the rain and feel of winter in general, i was reminded today that i love the sun just as much!

I love how the earth can throw the random little days at us, filled with such beauty and elegance! There we’re an abundance of boats, children running, people out for a walk, and just people sitting and admiring the beach.

Today made me feel so grateful for who i am and what i have. I live not even a 5 minute walk from such a beautiful location and it makes me feel so so blessed and happy! Happy to be me i guess, happy to know that i am fortunate, happy to know that i am safe.

One day i would love to come back down to this spot with friends, but for now, i’m glad to call it my own little paradise.

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One thought on “A little adventure

  1. Cool sounds so lovely and relaxing! It’s so lovely having a place that no one else knows about it where you can go to relax by yourself without other people watching you, falling asleep is definitely the best part! Hope you have a lovely time!

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