a dash of pink

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Hey there gals,

I love, love, love this outfit because i think it’s just so simple and minimalistic, which if you know me, you’ll know are my two favourite things. I feel like the stripes compliment the pale pink boots, and i tried to mix it up, combining the cream coat with the white skirt, which i think can look off and weird sometimes, but i don’t know, i kind of like it. I’m absolutely in love with the pale pink booties i bought recently from Zara, i saw them and was like ‘omg, these are stunning, they need to be mine!’ hehe.

Right now i’m loving coffee, i barely drank coffee, besides iced cappuccinos, in Greece, and i don’t know, i didn’t miss it like a tonne, but i did miss it’s warmth in winter! Ahh, they’re just so good and they make me feel so happy, hehe. I’ve also been loving really simple jewellery. I went through a phase where i just chucked on like every single ring i owned, but now i’m starting to only wear like two or three, and just for example a simple gold bar necklace and maybe a bracelet, but really delicate and light things are what i’m loving!

I’ve shot two other outfits for you all! so hopefully they’ll all be up within the next week! i’m so excited to show them to you because they feature some gorgeous labels on instagram who stock the cutest things, and also some of my new clothes which i’m super duper excited to show you!

Anyways, thats all for now!

until the next post,

Chels x

// Chelsea wears //

+ top, unknown

+ skirt, zara

+ coat, dotti

+ boots, zara

+ rings, friends

+ purse, unknown (but similar from tigerlily)

+ sunglasses, cotton on


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