Currently i am….

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Reading… The most recent issue of Catalogue magazine. It has so many fashion articles and photos! i’ve been obsessing over the cover especially! it’s so so gorgeous.

Pinning… Anything that relates to winter! winter fashion, loves, food, and anything and everything else! i just get so inspired by pinterest, especially in winter! ahhh, it’s so good! Don’t forget to follow me on pinterest here.

Loving… Anything pastel/baby pink, ahhh, i just think the colour is so gorgeous! Also warm, soft, comfy donnas, of course they’re a must have in winter, but i’ve loved snuggling up in them when it’s cold! Also looking through my recent photos from my trip to Greece, looking at them makes me so happy!

Sharing… My thoughts, and opinions. I just really enjoy putting my point of view out there. I really enjoy writing, especially when it’s about the earth or current events, things that affect me, and things that i feel strongly about!

IMG_2121 IMG_2134

Posting…. Anything of the landscape! I’ve been loving taking photos at the beach, and anywhere i go! Especially of things i don’t usually take photos of! it’s been fun to try something new.

Learning… How to do different embroidery stitches, hehe. My teacher started teaching our class today, and now i just want to learn more, aha.

Drinking… Water and tropical flavoured Nudie Juice… I drank so much water when i was away, and now i’m hooked, it sounds stupid, but i love cold water in winter it’s like the best thing ever! Also the nudie juice is so so so good! ahhhh.


Listening to… My Grade 8 syllabus music, ahah, my last grade exam for RAD [ballet] is coming up very soon, so i’m listening to that to try and remember my dances! But other than that, i’ve been listening to smooth, slow and calm music, mostly Chest Faker and ‘How they want me to be’ by Best Coast. As well as beating heart by Ellie Goulding, ahhh, just the whole Divergent soundtrack in general is amazing!

Enjoying… Spending time with my friends.

Eating… Freeze dried strawberries, omg they’re so good!

Watching… E! on Foxtel, ahhhh, i just love everything that’s on that channel, it’s such a bad obsession. But if we’re talking just one show, it would be Abby’s ultimate dance competition.


Documenting… My feelings at the moment, what i’m thinking and my thoughts on friendships, life, things i’m doing and loving. Just everything i guess.

Admiring… Beautiful sunsets, sky’s and oceans .

Appreciating… my warm doona as well as my best friends, both at school, and dancing.


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