Hello gorgeous little chickpeas,

So just recently as every one of you should know, i went to Greece. And can i say that it was up there as one of my favorite holidays i’ve ever taken, just behind India and when i travelled Europe.

So i’m back now, and to be honest, i’m so glad to be home. I missed my friends so much, after not being able to see them for like 5 weeks, ugh, it’s was horrible! but getting to talk to them on snapchat and instagram was alright, although i can’t recall how many times chessie and i told each other that ‘we missed each other soooooo much’ ahah all i can say is – it was a lot!

I really do love winter and i’m excited to be back in the cold, as weird as that may sound! I just love the warm snuggly feeling of winter, the fashion, the sound of rain, and hot coffee’s in bed 🙂

I literally have so many blog posts planned it’s not even funny! [about 12 pages to be exact] and i can’t wait to share them with you! Some of them are a bit different, and i guess that’s why i love the idea of them so much! It’s really great to be so organised with my blog.. i haven’t felt like this in a while because of school and exams and all that, so it’s nice to have 8 or so posts planned out…

I’ve hopefully also got some fun collabs coming up with fellow bloggers!

I really do love collabs, do you?

Anyways, this is just a bit of an update post! just to keep you all up to what i’m doing and how i’m going.

i’m feeling really happy at the moment. I feel as though i’ve found a great group of girls to hang out with, both at school and dancing. I’ve got people in my life that care about me, and that i care about, that love me and take me for who i am, and who i can share a laugh or two with.

I have an amazing family who are supporting me along the way! My mum and dad are so so into me having a blog, and they’re aways pushing me to take it further! which i hope i can, but yeah hehe, we’ll see… i guess i don’t know what i wan’t to do when i’m older yet, so it may be an option for me 😉 i don’t know, i’m just rambling now.

Even my nan and pop look at my blog, which i think is the cutest thing ever! hehe.. they love what i post and they’re so proud that i’ve found something i love [besides dancing of course]

Dancing is also going really well which i’m mega happy about. It can be a struggle at times to keep up with school work + VCE dance + normal dance but at the end of the day i love it so much i could never possibly think about giving it up, which is a great feeling to have!

Also i promise more OOTD posts will be coming! i’ll hopefully be taking some piccies this coming weekend! I also want to take a trip and take some photos in places i don’t normally take photos. And i’m really excited for that!

Just one more quick thing… i know that most of my friends don’t look at my blog, and i fully understand because it can be kinda awkward i guess! hehe.. but Sammy, Grace, Soph, Bri, Hannah, Chessie, Erin and Sarah.. [and anyone else i’ve missed – if you’re reading this] i can’t thank-you all enough for being the supporters in my life, i don’t know where i’d be without such amazing friendships as yours. You’re truly my bestest friends ever, and i hope we can stay friends for the rest of our lives, because i can’t imagine a life without your presence.

Sorry for my rambling, i do that sometimes 😉

Until next time,

Chelsea x


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