Starting your own blog

Hello my little chickpea’s,

Today on uhmchelsea, i have a bit of a different post which i hope will be helpful and useful for some of you reading this!

I get asked a lot – and by a lot i mean not all the time, but some of the time – ‘how did you become so popular?’ or ‘how do i get my blog known?’

And all i can say is that social media is a very, very powerful tool!

Here’s a bit about how i started…

I had been building up a reasonable amount of followers before i started my blog, just through posting decent, high resolution photos, no shout-outs or anything like that [well a few, but not a lot] I think i had about 2k+ followers on my instagram before i started a blog…

But before that i owned an account known as ‘_pureorganic_’ at least i’m pretty sure that’s how it was spelt…. i started posting tumblr photos onto that account, and from the get go i was getting really lovely comments from people saying that they loved that account and the photos i posted, so i kept going with it, let it grow, and then co-owned it with my best friend Grace for a little bit… we ended up getting about 2.2k followers and it was then that i turned my personal account -then chelsearose_2179 – to a public account and started telling people to follow me via my tumblr account. This is where my love of photography came from and here i started to look more into the world of social media and the types of photos people posted etc.

I reckon i first started gaining followers when i became obsessed with accounts that posted minimalistic, and simple photos.. i started learning off them, posting photos like theirs that were bright and not too messy in terms of what was in the photo. Thats when people started noticing my account, and when i changed my username to chelssearosee.

From here on the story goes on as normal, i kept posting photos, more people kept following… It was at about 2k when i first started a blog on tumblr – also called uhm chelsea – i shared the same types of photos that i do on this blog, actually, if you go back to my very very first post, that was one that was posted on my tumblr blog.

I started to notice that people were looking at my blog and taking notice of it, and liking the photos i posted! So one day i decided to switch over to worpress because of it’s functionality and layout!

So my instagram kept growing, and so did my blog! i did some research, found some bloggers that i really enjoyed talking to and reading their blogs, took some tips and tricks off of them, and now here i am…… 40,000+ total views later… and i never thought i’d get to this point.. and whilst we’re here, i just want to thank every single one of you for making it happen, and helping me to get to this point…

Especially Chessie, without her, i probably wouldn’t have as much commitment as i do to keep going with my blog and pushing it to achieve it’s full success….. I also wouldn’t have found such an amazing best friend if it weren’t for blogging…. i guess we didn’t really connect through blogging, but blogging just makes us so, so, so much closer! It’s making me cry because i love her so so much! If you ever get a chance to meet Chessie in real life, be ever so grateful you did! because she’s the sweetest most kindest girl you’ll ever meet!


I’m so sorry, that went on for so long… now to my tips and steps for new and up and coming bloggers, or people who are wanting to start a blog:

one // Start off with a good base
Choosing your website is probably the hardest decision, it took me a while, and a lot of research to finally decide what my blogging platform would be!
I ended up obviously choosing WordPress, but i also highly recommend other blogging platforms such as blogger, squarespace, typepad and blogspot.

two // choose your blog name/url
This is also a very hard step, and yes, it may take you a while! but keep pushing through! you may think of some one day that you like, and the next you hate it, don’t worry, this has happened to majority of the bloggers you know!

If you can’t think of anything i suggest just using your name – adding a word – or mixing it up a bit… for example Chessie’s blog is chest nut blog.. you see what she did?
Whatever you do, make sure it’s something people will remember, something not too generic, and something that is short – no one wants to be typing in a long url, it’s just annoying. Don’t worry if you decide on a name, then a couple of months later you change it, i’m 100% sure your followers will understand, heck, they’ll probably like it better, and change is always in order!

three // decide on what genre you want your blog to be put under
For example, i would personally call mine fashion, because it’s majority ootd posts etc.. But don’t worry, when you choose your genre, you don’t just have to stick with that.. i also post DIY’s and room tours… which aren’t quite fashion if you ask me! I suggest also deciding on what age range you want to target… i go for around 10-21 i guess….. it’s usually around your age.

Also remember that you’re genre doesn’t just have to be fashion – it can be cooking, dancing, sports, travel, crafts, lookbooks, music – anything you want it to be really! whatever you love – blog about it!

four // customise and change up your blog
Don’t just choose a theme and then not do anything with it… that way it is bound to look like another blog out there, make sure you change up and customise your blog to fit you. Sometimes this means paying some money so that you are able to edit colours, text, layout etc. I think on wordpress it’s around $30 maybe, this gives you access to customise your blog further.

If you’re wanting something different – check out ‘A little birdy blog’ she does custom blog designs for a little bit of money! i highly suggest getting her to do your blog theme if you’re looking for something personal and a bit quirky and unique.

I completely understand if you’re just a new blogger and you or your parents are not willing to pay this price! Trust me – i didn’t pay for anything on my blog for ages, it’s only recently that i’ve wanted to take my blogging a little bit further, and have paid those bills so that i am able to do a little more with my blog – make it more unique, more me i guess.

But seriously – you will need to spend a decent day or two editing your blog. Personally i really enjoyed this process because i was able to make my blog more of my own i guess.. Add about me pages, links, instagram galleries, social media logos, and anything you desire. If you don’t know where to start – head over to ‘Vanilla craft blog’ or ‘emily jane’ they both give you great hints and tricks to add these kinds of things to your blog!

five // get out there!
You’ll never get your blog anywhere if you just post on it and don’t promote it what-so-ever. Create a separate instagram page if you like! or just change your username to your blog name! I personally didn’t because a lot of people already knew me as chelssearosee on instagram, and i didn’t realy want to change that because i really am liking my username!
Make sure you self promote – there is no harm in it! – hey, look at Tyler Oakley for example, a shameless self promoter, and does anyone care? i don’t think so!

Make sure you’re letting your followers know when you’ve posted and what you’ve posted so they can check it out! that’s the only way you’ll get views!

six // broaden your social media
Make sure you’re not just sticking to instagram to promote your blog, also sign up for things such as bloglovin, pinterest, tumblr, youtube and everything in between… This way you’ll be able to broaden your audience just by posting on several of these social media sites when you’ve posted.

seven // join the community
Blogging is such an amazing way of making new friends! i mean, look at Emily and Zali for example, they started out with individual blogs, met each other through blogging, and look at them now, best of friends!

Find some pen pals who also have blogs, it will give you something to talk about and you’ll now have a new blogging buddy that you can do collabs with, and hopefully one day meet!

If you’re not willing to have a pen pal or you’re not able to, talk to some other bloggers out there, communicate with them – trust me, bloggers love it when they get e-mails or new notifications!

But please, whatever you do… don’t comment on one of our instagram photos with ‘hey, can you check out my blog?’ for me personally it’s kinda just frustrating, i’d much rather start to talk with a fellow blogger via e-mail and then check out their blog!

If you want to get known a bit – just ask them to maybe interview you! If their willing to – great! if they’re not, don’t be disheartened… someone will say yes! For example – i hadn’t really talked to Bella from BONES before i e-mailed her asking if i could possibly do an interview with her. We started e-mailing and she’s actually the nicest girl ever – and now i’d for sure call her one of my blogging best friends!

eight // spend time on your blog
If you’re truly wanting you’re blog to go far – you need to put in effort – you can’t just take half-focused photos and think that your followers will enjoy looking at them… Please, do put in effort and thought into what you post! I mean, i wrote up this blog post about __no__ weeks ago! it helps to plan out blog posts! trust me.

Also keep editing and tweaking your blog! every now and then i edit my ‘about’ page just to keep it updated, so that it’s not always the same. Also if you want – change your theme – i did this and it’s what my blog needed. i love my blog so much more now that i found a good theme… spend time looking for one, and if it means paying money, go for it, because if you want to take your blog further, it’s probably what you’ll need.

*i am not enticing you to spend your, or your parents money what so ever! your bog will be just fine without it.. i’m just mentioning it because i know of a lot of up and coming bloggers who are very serious about their blogging and do want to take their blog further, and so spending a little bit of money is their best option*

nine // Be confident in yourself
If you’re not confident within yourself, how will you be able to write personal blog posts? Blogging is all about you, its about being confident and happy with who you are! When you’re happy and confident, you’re able to write a lot more feely! For example, i decided one day that i wanted to take a new outlook on life and who i was… i decided to become more in touch with where i was living and what surrounded me. And so i have realised now that i was able to write a lot more freely – i started writing personal and opinion posts where i stated my thoughts and opinions – even if they were arguable – I became a lot happier, because i was able to spread my thoughts and views with the blogging community and my readers!

ten // Enjoy what you’re doing!
At the end of the day, if you’re not truly enjoying what you’re doing, why are you doing it? Blogging, and anything for that matter is about loving what you do! If you truly love it, you’ll put a lot of time and effort into it.

*2,153 words later, oops :\*

So that’s all for this post…
I know it was long and i’m so so so sorry……
But i hoped this helped some people out!

I encourage anyone who is wanting to start a blog to do so!
It’s been the most rewarding thing i’ve ever done and i’ve loved every single minute of it!

until next time,
Chels x


7 thoughts on “Starting your own blog

  1. Hi Chelsea
    Thanks so much for this post! I love it so much!
    I first began blogging about a month and a half ago (I’m not very good at it).
    I found all of these amazing blogs on instagram. I was inspired to create my own blog thanks to you, Chessie, Vanillacraftblog and Alittlebirdyblog. I spent my nights snuggled up in bed scrolling through all these blogs. One day I thought that I should create one. 600 followers later, I am still reading and posting. All thanks to you!
    Thanks ×10000000000000 times
    Zara xxx

    • Hello chickpea,

      Awh, this is the sweetest, and kindest e-mail I’ve read in a long time! Remember, you don’t have to be amazing at it! as long as you’re doing it because you love it, it doesn’t matter, does it?I love scrolling through blogs at night with a warm cup of tea and a candle burning in the background! Keep going babe! Love you, Chels x

  2. Dear Chelsea,
    This post had been really helpful to me, thank you. I really enjoy reading long posts like this, their really inspirational. The tips were great, and it made me a lot more about blogging!! You inspire me to blog , and I’m really looking foward to it! I really hope I become an amazing blogger like you one day! Thanks again.


  3. thanks so much for sharing your ideas and tips, they are very helpful, and so concise and really I think you should publish your writing, your posts are amazing how you prioritise and thoroughly explain what you want to say. I was Justin thinking about a book, because you could be earning money! I hope you approach a publication, or put yourself out there publishers to know about you

  4. And you might ask why my blogs are lacking, it’s because I only have a Sony Xperia X, it’s an amazing smart phone, but to get a blog on the way is obviously done on a PC, I don’t have access to that at home, and I was soon curious about blogging that I just did it on my mobile, it’s like you say, a very powerful tool blogging and sharing, it’s like wtf a utopia of communication, there’s soon much happening out there! And thanks again for you beautiful blogs 🐇🐰🐇🐰

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