Life can be short, so cherish it

So recently – as you may have heard – flight MH17 was hit by a missile whilst flying over Ukraine. Yes, i read this in the paper in the morning, and didn’t really give it a second thought, other than ‘well that’s reassuring, i’m going on a plane in 2 days’ I didn’t think about anyone else in the world – just myself. It wasn’t until later that day that i was informed that one of my previous teachers (of two years ago) was on that plane. As you know – no one survived.

We always seem to hear about these things on the radio, the news, in the paper etc. But it’s not until we know someone who was affected, that it really hits us. I never would have thought that this beloved teacher, whom i had talked to just before school ended, would have been in something as horrendous as this. I didn’t think this would happen to anyone i knew for that matter!

Isn’t it strange how the good people die at the worst times.


Nearly 300 people were killed because of this… do you understand how many families, colleagues, relatives, friends and business partners were affected by this also?

Nothing like this has ever happened to me, and so i wasn’t aware until now how short life can be. I have travelled on so many planes up until this moment in my life, and have never given it another thought that i could have been killed any of these times.

Remember, it only takes one thing, and your life could be over.


Live life and cherish it. Don’t get wound up in the little things, the stupid arguments, the acts of jealousy. Make sure you’re living your life to its fullest, surround yourself with people who love you, who say good morning to you everyday, who give you a hug every time they see you, and who will never, ever let go of you and the bond you share with them.

Be silly, take risks, pull a sickie, get coffee with your friends, watch every season of your favourite tv show, go hiking, spend all day in bed, do whatever you want to do, but always make sure you’re doing it for yourself, and make sure you’re doing everything to its fullest potential. Because it could all be gone in a second.


I don’t care who it was that fired the missile, we lost an mother, a beloved teacher and a loving wife.


Rest in Peace Mrs Davidson & her husband

heaven has gained an angel


My condolences go out to her family, relatives, and close friends.


Chelsea x


2 thoughts on “Life can be short, so cherish it

  1. As a Dutch person i know exactly how you feel! There were so manu lives lost during this flight and it scares me to think how many families lost their loved ones! Well said…

  2. I am a student from the school of the van de Hende family. Though I didn’t know them personally, my heart ached for my peers and teachers who did. At school, we’ve done what we can do show our respect. Black arm bands at sports, black ribbons in our hair. You read it, see it, hear it. And never think it could ever happen to you. But it has, so close to home.

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