Mykonos – Singapore (follow me around)

Hello lovely little chickpea’s,


I’m oh so excited for this post, because it’s another video!

which people seemed to really enjoy the last time i did one.


This video is a vlog/follow me around, which was a bit difficult to film sometimes, as it was meant to be all from what i was seeing – so at my eye level – but it was actually a lot of fun to make


I really enjoy making videos for you, so hopefully i’ll be able to do a couple more in the future…. i’ve got one planned out for summer which is exciting!


And i know, i know, people will be like ‘you copied chessie’ or ‘chessie just did a video like this’ and i know, it just so happens that she told me she was editing a video when i had started filming this video, so no one copied each other, i didn’t copy Chessie, Chessie didn’t copy me, it just happens that we had the same idea.


So without further ado, here is my first vlog type thingie, aha…….


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