Q+A – #two

Hello lovely humans,


Today i have for you another Q+A,

which i just love doing!


I love interacting with all of you and answering your questions!

I feel as though it helps for you to get to know me and my personality a little bit better – especially each time i do another Q+A!


So without further ado, lets get started!


one // What do you want to be when you grow up? @retromances

To be honest, i don’t really know.. i mean, i’d love to pursue blogging! i’m also really intrigued by design, and layout, so magazine layout has always really been my next answer to this question. It would be super duper awesome getting to work or intern for a magazine company such as russh, elle, or say catalogue. I can never answer this question, because i never know, i still haven’t found something that truly intrigues me or that i want to do for the rest of my life!


two // If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be to? @persia.lilli

Defiantly Miachu Picchu! i’ve always, always, always wanted to go there for as long as i remember! I love hiking and i’;m really intrigued by their civilization! I’d also love to travel to Bora Bora, and go back to Santorini, but with my best friends! hehe


three // What are your life goals? @hazelnut.caramel

I guess i really don’t have any, besides to be happy and content with life. These are to me the only two things you need. You don’t need money or fame – well, you don’t need a lot of it – to live. As long as i’m happy in life, i believe i’m living. And i will head towards whatever makes me happy! so anything can happen.


four // What motivates you? @o.liviab

Anything really! But especially people! people who are living their life to its fullest potential motivate me to go and chase after what i believe in. Thats about it i guess, i can;t really think of anything else.


five // What’s your favourite colour? @emily.snell

Anything neautral! blacks, creames, greys etc. But also pastels, i’m loving baby pink and baby blues at the moment! But i also really love neons, but like pretty pink and yellow neons, ahah, i’m so indecisive.


six // What effects do you use on your photos? And what sort of camera do you use? @vanillacraftblog + @jade_dawg

I use vcso cam for filters. I mostly use T1 and F2 depending on what the photo is and what type of colours are in it! I also use SE1 in the street etiquette x vsco range [which is free by the way] and A6 in the Analogue / Aesthetic range [which is also free] I then use Afterlight just to brighten up the photos and chnage the contrast. so i use the first three buttons in the editing bit on my photos.

I use a Canon EOS 600d to take most of my photos, but for my instagram i just use my iPad mini for most photos.


seven // Favourite songs at the moment @mtldam_ + @deersanddaisiesblog + @omggemma

I’m gonna have to go with my recent mix tape ‘summer vibes’ ugh all the songs are so good! But i’m also loving anything Chet Faker, mostly his song 1998 in his most recent album.


eight // Inspiration? @carriekha_ + angelynes_

A lot, and a lot of people! Chessie, Alexa Chung, my grandma, Audrey Hepburn, my mum, my dad, Essena O Neill, Gabrielle, Araina, Tada.. omg i’ve had a mental blank, but so many more people!


nine // Best place you have been to @monetrubyy

In regards to travel, probably Turkey, omg wow, i loved that place so so so much! words can’t describe how much i loved it. It’s not a beautiful place, but it’s oh so wonderful to explore! Also India, i hated it whilst i was there, then i got home, and i realised how grateful i was, and it hit me that i actually missed being there so so much!


ten // When did you start blogging? @jordanaax + @carleeyyxo

I started on January 22nd of this year [on wordpress] so about 6 months now, whewww!


eleven // Describe your fashion sense in three words @simply.emmaa

simple, safe and neutral


twelve // Was figuring out blogging hard? @simply.emmaa 

Um, kind of i guess. Before i started don wordpress, i had a tumblr blog, then i changed over to wordpress after Sophie started a blog. And she had already figured it out by the time i had set one up so she was able to help me a bit. I don’t think i asked her a lot of questions – from memory that is – so it’s relatively easy to get started! It wasn’t hard to figure out what i wanted to post, no. I kind of just went with what both i, and my readers loved, and kept doing what i was doing.


thirteen // What disgraces you the most in the world @annika__m

The fact that i live in such a wealthy country with plenty of room, food, houses, jobs etc and there are people out there starving to death everyday, who live off $1 a day, who are forced to work in slave labour, mothers who must feed their children before themselves because they have no money left – shortening their life span, causing death, and then the children being left with no home, nor mother – forced marriage, illegal sex trafficking, poverty. Ugh, this world is a mess, that’s what annoys me.. Yes people are doing things, yes people are helping, yes people are reducing numbers, but these problems still exist.


fourteen // What are your favourite shops to shop in? Especially for inexpensive clothing @nithyatn

Defiantly cotton on if you’re looking for both basics and casuals, for cheap as prices, especially the sale rack, they literally sell stuff for $5! And Market HQ’s sale section is god if you’re looking for a more dressy outfit! I got a dress from there once reduced from $60 to $14.


fifteen // What’s you’re favourite tv show? @annika__m

For a while i got completely addicted to The Kardashian’s, like seriously addicted! then i watched every single episode in every single series, and i stopped watching so much! Now it would have to be Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, i know, reality show freak right here, i just can;t get enough of them!


sixteen // Favourite filter? @_.adriano._

T1 and F2 on vsco cam


seventeen // How would you describe the theme of your instagram feed and blog? @lucyyoliviaa

I would say my instagram is bright, yet simple. I try not to pot too many photos with a lot of clutter. And my blog, i’d call a fashion blog, although that’s not all that i post, aha, i’m starting to just call it a personal blog now because i post about what i like!


eighteen // Where do you get your clothes? @heeeylincoln

Mostly Cotton on, i’m starting to get into Dotti – awkward because it actually didn’t fit me until recently – although some of their stuff i don’t like. lol, i also shop at target, they actually got some decent stuff guys, don’t be so quick to judge, if you love fashion, you’ll shop anywhere. I’m not a fashion snob, ahah.


nineteen // What’s your favourite subject? @bethan_4

I love english! well, some of it, i haven’t liked having to read Animal Farm, because i absolutely the whole way though the course didn’t understand a single thing about what i was reading and ugh, it was the worst, chessie and i literally sat in class together, and i had to ask her everything! I also love art subjects, so photography, fabrics etc.. I’m doing year 11 VCD next year which i’ve never done before, but i really think i’ll love it!


twenty // Three trends you hate? @ambzqu

*i don’t mean to offend anyone with what i state, just my personal opinion* but birks, flatforms, those crop top thingies that everyone wears to parties, the triangle ones, i don’t know if anyone knows what i’m talking about, ahha.


twenty-one // Why did you decide to start blogging? and what was your inspiration? @claudia.griffyn + @_lucycurry_ 

I decided to start a blog because i saw other girls doing it such as Chloe, Emily, Bella and Zali – these were the first blogs i discovered – so i decided i’d give it a go! These girls were my inspiration to start blogging as they have such gorgeous, gorgeous blogs and they’re such kind, and beautiful girls


twenty-two // Do you think you will do collaborations with smaller bloggers? @deersanddaisieslog

I’ve got a collab coming up with smaller bloggers soon, keep a look out!


twenty-three // How did you become so well known? @carleeyyxo

Well, i had about 2k collowers on instagram when i started my blog, which really helped me out a lot with getting views! But i slowly started to improve my blog, collab with fellow bloggers, such as Steph and Sophie and grew my blog into what it is now.


twenty-four // Favourite you-tubers? @chelseagraham7

Ohhhhh, so many! but Tyler Oakley, Troye Sivan, Amanda, Cassey Ho, May baby, Meghan Rosette, Shani Grimmond, Lauren Curtis, LaurDIY, and this is kinda weird but PewDiePie, he cracks me up every time omg, if you’re not in the best of moods, watch one of his videos! omg they’re the best!


twenty-five // Have you heard of Bega cheese? @elliechristison

hahahaha, um, yeah!


twenty-six // Any good inexpensive cameras or ways of saving up for an expensive one? @bi.ddy

hehe, well my Canon EOS 600d is a pretty darn good camera, but i don’t know how much it was, aha, we got ours as a family camera for our holiday, but i use it as a blogging camera too, so it’s getting used all year round! I begged my parents for years and years for a profesh camera like the Canon, so that might work! ahah.. but any of the little canon cameras are great! i had my own for years before we got this big one, and it worked just fine and produced reasonably good photos!


twenty-seven // What is your inspiration for blogging? and how do you take such cute photos? @idkmartha

Well, i get inspired by fellow bloggers such as Chessie, Jasmine, Isabella, Bella, Emily and anyone really! also pinterest and tumblr are up there on that list. But anything and everything. I may go to a coffee shop and see something that inspires me, it varies really! And thank-you chickpea, i don’t really know how i take my photos, it’s just normal photo taking to me, my brother takes all of my ootd photos, which i am so grateful for! he knows how to take a good picture that boy!


twenty-eight // Do you feel you are a good blogger? @_lucycurry_

Um, kinda, not really. I’m okay, if i wasn’t why would poeple be looking at my blog? I’m defiantly not as good as say Chessie, or Emily, but i try my hardest and i love what i’m doing, and that’s all the counts!


twenty-nine // Three negatives about blogging and three positives? @courtneyfishh

three negatives

– having to keep up with it when school work and assessments come up

-annoying/frustrating people

-making the time to take photos and travel to the destination where i want some photos to be taken

the positives

the whole blogging community

-being able to express myself through a blog

-being able to experiment with outfits and clothes more


thirty // What experiences have you had from blogging? @imola__

Well, i’ve been able to promote brands such as Venus the Label, Black Arrow Candles, Lumos Jewelry, Manhattan the Label, + other jewelry and accessory companies on instagram which i can’t think of right now as there’s still stuff to be sent hehe 🙂 Also being able to collab and interview with other bloggers such as Taylor, Steph and Bella.


thirty-one // How do you get motivated to do work? ie. homework @jomcgrath_

I have a lot of jasmine Dowling posters up around my room with inspiring quotes such as ‘to get ahead, you first must get started’ – ‘do what you love’ and ‘Stay close to anything that makes you glad you are alive’ – these quotes are just a constant reminder to keep going. These motivate me to stay happy, and to do what i love!

I’m also kind of a procrastinator, so if i tell myself that once i’ve finished my homework i can go on tumblr, or drink my coffee whilst catching a tv show then i’ll usually get it done! I know this doesn’t work for everyone, nut it usually works for me!


thirty-two // What types of workouts do you do? @simply.emmaa

lol, what workouts? ahah jks, i dance twice a week for a total of 6 and a half hours, so that a pretty decent workout if ya ask me! ahah. But also take the time to do some Pilates and pop Pilates via blogilates on youtube! it’s so fun and Cassey is so encouraging the whole way through! i also take the effort to do some ab workouts and squats. I also really want to get into going on more hikes and running more this winter! which i do occasionally, but i want to be more persistent with it!


thirty-three // Do you play any sports at school? @simply.emmaa

Well, i play soccer at school, which my school sucks at, but oh well, its literally so much fun! This past year i did springboard diving which was so much fun and i got to learn a lot of new dives, and discovered that i actually really enjoy diving! But that;s about it.


thirty-four // Three favourite fruits? @simply.emmaa

Banana, apples, strawberries


thirty-five // What are your pet peeves? @sophiecannin

When poeple don’t push in their chair after leaving the table, ugh, it annoys me so much! omg. And when people wear leggings in public!


Well, that took absolutely forever to write up, but i hope you enjoyed it! hehe

until next time lovelies,

Chels xx



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