Winter Pinspiration

Hey girlies,

So i’m so so excited to be heading back into winter from being in Greece,

i don’t know, i just really enjoy winter fashion because i think it can go so many ways with so many different textures and colours!

I’m not a fan of summer fashion because i really struggle to find things i like and that suit my body etc…

So this winter i’m looking forward to wearing neutrals especially! greys, blacks, cremes and everything in between. i think these colours are the perfect winter compliments because they are dull and not too bright which i love about winter!

i’m also really looking forward to seeing how people style coats! I recently purchased a gorgeous cream coat from dotti (half price, whew) Which i can’t wait to style for winter!

I’m also really loving anything oversized! Especially oversized knits!

I also love turtle necks, although i can’t personally pull them off very well, i love seeing how other people such as Chessie style them!

Anyways, here’s some photos i found on pinterest that really inspire me to experiment more with the colours and textures i use during winter.







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Until next time,

Chels xxx


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