Greece // week one

Oh hey there gorgeous people,

So Greece…. week one,

When we first arrived in Athens i guess i thought it was a bit like Paris,

i know, i know, some people think Paris is beautiful and the almighty city of the world, but i thought Paris was kinda dirty, and so is Athens.

[ahah, i’m being completely honest here, so sorry to anyone.. blah blah]

What i’m trying to say is, it’s not what i thought it would look like, which happens a lot of the time.


So we went around and did all the tourist-y stuff there is to be done [the Parthenon, parliament house, museums, markets etc] Then we set out for a 5 day driving tour to all of the ancient cities where ruins have been found.

IMG_1168 IMG_1180IMG_1265


We first went to Corinth to visit a bridge that was built in order to pass boats though to the Mediterranean sea, rather than having to travel around the coast. We then drove around to 3 different archeological sites to visit, which took us all day really. Before that night staying in the beautiful sea side town of Nafplio, where i slept for literally 12 hours non stop.

IMG_1503 IMG_1533IMG_1579IMG_1636

After staying the night in Nafplio we drove up to a castle which had the most beautiful views, before heading off again to reach Ancient Olympia, travelling through Sparta and Kalamata… yes, where the olives are made 😉 To then stay the night in Olympia.

IMG_1717 IMG_1743

We then toured Ancient Olympia and the grounds where the games were held. We drove through to Delphi, around and through numerous mountain ranges, and winding roads. Which was another thing i was surprised about, i didn’t realise Greece had so so many mountains!

IMG_1825 IMG_1837

We then drove across the Corinthian Sea to reach Delphi, the ancient site in which peoples questions were answered… [refer to ‘my life in ruins’ for info…… ahaha my favourite movie!]

IMG_1864IMG_1889 IMG_1891


After Delphi, we had another long trip to Meteora, where we saw the monasteries on top of the massive rocks… ahaha, i made that sound really lame, but it’s so gorgeous! and a James Bond film was also shot there too which is really cool!

IMG_1913 IMG_1921 IMG_1927 IMG_1928

And so now we’re in Athens for a couple nights before we head off to the gorgeous island of Rhodes!

I promise i’ll keep you updated!

Chelsea xxx


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