What to pack in your carry on

Hey gals,

So as most of you may know i’m travelling to Greece with my family for 4 weeks, then heading to Singapore for a couple nights! whewww!!

I’m actually in the airport right now as you’re reading this! aha

I’ll hopefully be able to update you along my travels, posting regularly about what i may have done that day, including some photos and maybe video footage!

I can’t wait to post in Greece! Also look out for photos on my Instagram as i’ll be updating that more than my blog!


here’s a post about what to pack in your carry on for either an international, or domestic flight!




Firstly, this is everything that i took laid out.. yes, it does look like a lot, but that’s because i was travelling internationally.



These are all of the random things…

They include:

+ jewellery

+ sunglasses

+ moisturiser

+ makeup [mascara, concealer- just the basics]

+ skin hydrating oil

+ medical products [nose spray and inhaler]

+ extra headphones



Next, these are all the technology things…

+ noise cancelling headphones

+ polaroid

+ extra p-roid film

+ a sentence a day book

+ extra notebook

+ travel journal/diary

+ headphones

+ ipad mini


These are just sleeping things i guess….

+ bed socks

+ face mask

+ undies [only because I’m travelling for a total of like 24 hours, and yeah, ahah, you get what i mean]


Enjoy the rest of school, or for some right now, the school holidays!




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