+ winter mixtape #1


Lately I’ve been in a kind of weird mood. Sometimes i want to listen to upbeat and happy songs, and other times i want to listen to slow, on the verge of depressing, songs. I guess it really all depends on your day… On the days where i’m surrounded by amazing friends [which is most days] i always seem to be in a good mood, and other days even when i’m surrounded by friends, i may want to be alone, which leads to the slow songs.

Just remember that no matter what you have and don’t have, you will always have and love your music! I believe that your taste in music is truly a reflection of you, and how you act. But never let anyone dis your music taste, your taste in music is a more individual and personal thing than anything, and people shouldn’t care about who/what you listen to… so go ahead and listen to all those indie and alternative artists that none of your friends have heard of, because it’s what/who you love! [and you’ll feel really superior when you’ve heard of a mega rad band and they haven’t]

Chelsea xx


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