An interview with Chessie

Hey there gals…
I have an interview with my best gal pal,
Chessie, from Chest nutt blog
You can find chessie on instagram,
She’s a super rad, funny and sassy babe who is literally the best person to be around.
We only became really good friends at the start of the year. But i feel like we’ve been best friends for years!
I don’t know how i ever lived without her!
Let’s get started…..

+ one.
Tell us a bit about yourself
Well my name is Chessie, and I am 15 years old. I love instagram, blogging, arts & crafts, scrapbooking, horse riding, writing penpal letters, and hanging with my gals.
+ two.
Do you admire anyone?
I admire Jasmine Dowling, Alexa Chung, Emily Jane, Bella, Chloe, Harri, my Auntie, Mum and you.
+ three.
Is there a trend your’e sick of right now
I don’t mean to offend but its definitely birks, I think they look like manly ogre shoes aha. (I really don’t want to offend anybody so I apologise if I do xx)
+ four.
Where do you go for inspiration?
Definitely Pinterest. Its like inspiration city!
+ five.
Do you have a strategy for growing/keeping followers on social media?
I think staying active so posting regularly, be polite to them so answer their questions and thank them for compliments etc. Also taking good quality photos.
Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 4.53.35 pm
+ six.
Has your life changed since starting your instagram and blog? if so how?
It hasn’t really changed much. Although its pretty special to be a part of the blogging and instagram community and gathering inspiration from all the other bloggers from all around the world. I guess its just opened my eyes to a whole new world that I love and thinking how this could possibly take me somewhere in life. Idk.
+ seven.
Where do you shop online?
I used to shop online heaps but I rarely do these days. I love eBay for jewellery and rings and stuff because its all so cheap! Also etsy is just gorgeous for iPad, laptop, iPhone sleeves and other things. In terms of clothing/shoes websites I shop at Windsor Smith and Market HQ.
+ eight.
What is the biggest challenge about fashion blogging?
The biggest challenge about fashion blogging is finding the time to take the photos! I always plan the outfits way ahead of the post and then I never have time to take the photos as i get home from school and only have an hour or so of daylight! I never really struggle with coming up with new outfits as I love doing that and its just something I do easily.
+ nine.
What do you think a fashion blog, or yours for that matter, will look like in 5 years time? will it be the same? or different?
I think my blog would look quite different. I would have left school and would have (hopefully) travelled which results in new ideas / styles / trends which would influence my blog. Any fashion blog would change through the years because of these influences and our society rules changing etc.
+ ten.
Do you have a favourite fashion era that you look to for inspiration?
I look to the 60s usually. It was the era of MOD fashion and the shift dresses, geometric patterns and bright colours. It was so funky, happy and hip and it would have been fun to live during these years!
Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 4.54.22 pm
+ eleven.
Favourite accessory for a day out with the gals
I would have to say rings. I am loving midi rings especially!
+ twelve.
Any pet peeves?
I would have to say when other people copy everything about someones blog/instagram. Its so unoriginal and it isn’t expressing your own style which is basically the aim of blogging and sharing your ideas on instagram. Its fine to take inspiration but there is a very fine line between inspiration and copying. Oh Chels, the number of rants we have over this aha.
+ thirteen.
What part of blogging excites you the most?
The thing that excites me the most about blogging is sharing my ideas and my fashion style to people of all ages all across the globe. Its just so exciting and amazing that people from all these different cultures are reading your blog, its just mind blowing.
+ fourteen.
What’s the most expensive item in your wardrobe?
Omg this is slightly embarrassing but it would have to be my $400 white/cream rain jacket from Kathmandu I got for India last year. And boy did I need that gore-tex in the early monsoon storms whilst trekking through the Himalayas!
+ fifteen.
Any bargain clothes that you love to death?
I absolutely love my wool/cashmere Country Road turtle neck knit that I got from a second hand market stall for $2!!!!! I love it soo much.
Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 4.55.03 pm
+ sixteen.
Do you have any fashion rules when it comes to putting an outfit together?
Never put navy blue and black together! And no converses with a dress.
+ seventeen.
Your instagram is like, to die for, how do you take such amazing photos? Where do the ideas for your photos come from?
Aw thank you, and the same with you babe! Well I take my photos on an iPhone 5 and my secret weapon for editing them is using Afterlight and VSCO cam. I try to not make them look too edited though.
The ideas for my photos don’t really come from anywhere except for my head aha. I don’t plan photos or anything I just see them. Its hard to explain but I guess I just have an eye for it I guess!
+ eighteen.
Do you wear makeup on a daily basis?
Nope! I only really wear it for when I go out and taking photos but most of the time I can’t be bothered. Embrace your inner beauty gals!
+ nineteen.
What do you love about your best friends? (wink wink)
Aha I just love how we have so much fun together and the fact that we are all there for each other. We have such hilarious conversations and so many rants about so many weird topics. We also all understand each other and most of us are all so different, its just awesome. I have such an amazing group of friends I just really cant explain how thankful I am to have met them!
+ twenty.
And finally, who do you hope to one day do a collab/interview with?
I hope to one day, in my wildest dreams, to interview Jasmine Dowling. Now that would be AMAZING!! I would also love to do a collab with all the bloggers like Emily Jane, you, Tada, Chloe, Harri, Views of Now, Nadia, Zali and Bella. That would be the most fabulous thing omg.

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