[all photos taken from pinterest] source


1 + diy concrete planter // Little house blog

2 + diy geometric clay pot // Delia creates

3 + Pattern click pen // Poketo

4 + Whale tissue holder // Shop sparkly pony

5 + Memphis cushion cover //Depeapa

6 + Formiga SS sweater // Weekday

7 + Smooth peak ring // Creatures of comfort

8 + Metallic stella healed boot // Urban outfitters


Hey babes,

Here’s a quick little post for you with some items that are on my wish list.

This post was inspired by Chloe from a little birdy blog

She creates the most gorgeous blog posts, and they always inspire me,

so this is because of her!


So how’s your weekend been going?

I’m always so sad when it comes to Sunday, because it means that i have school tomorrow. Not that i don’t like school, but i love Sunday’s because all i ever do is sit in bed, blog, instagram and drink tea whilst watching one of my favourite t.v shows. Also for some reason i love the lighting on Sunday afternoons from about 12. I don’t know why but that light in my room is so vibrant and bright, which i love. It makes me feel awake and very happy. I find that i’m most inspired on Sunday’s because it’s the one day where i have time to myself to look through pinterest, tubmlr and instagram whenever i please.



I love you all so much!

Until the next post,


Chelsea xxx


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