rustic countryside

Hey babes,

Iv’e got another OOTD for you,

well OOTN [outfit of the night] actually!


It’s only another 29 days until i go to Greece,

and oh, i’m so excited!

I also have exams coming up and i’m really scared because i may or may not have started studying…

Well, i kind of have, but only some maths and some sport and history.

I have to do an exam for every subject, and i’m quite scared actually.



I hope you enjoy xxx


IMG_0820 IMG_0822 IMG_0828 IMG_0831 IMG_0837 IMG_0838 IMG_0839 IMG_0841 IMG_0842 IMG_0846 IMG_0853 IMG_0854 IMG_0870 IMG_0873

+ Chelsea wears +

Hat // Dotti

Top // Cotton on

Knit // Cotton on

Jeans // Next UK

Boots // Django and Juliette


Chelsea xx





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