Fashion is Tragic

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Fashion is an ever-changing and evolving world where one cannot depict what will happen next (with the exception of Anna Wintour)

Fashion is personal, fashion is individual, and fashion is for you only.

Tragic fashion exists and did exist, for example the 90’s, filled with neon flare and way too much double denim for any one person to handle. But these were trends, trends of decades, trends of seasons. But like any other decade, whether it be amazing or borderline tragic fashion, it is inevitable that people will follow trends.

Fashion cannot be a tragic matter though, because it is personal, and represents different people, in different ways. Of course, everyone accepts and disregards fashion and trends in individual ways, but these people who refuse to acknowledge upcoming trends (such as Birkenstocks or visors, ew) are the people that change the fashion industry, and create their own individual style that other people will look up to. This is when fashion becomes unique, and less tragic than we once thought of it to be.

Personal style is a heavily important factor, as to how one thinks of themselves. One person may be comfortable wearing trackies to the supermarket, not that theres anything wrong with that, where as another may never leave the house without a full set of makeup and their best clothes on.

But of course you will still always find those one or two people walking down the street, and you stop are stare at them for a moment and think to yourself ‘where the hell did they buy those ugly clothes from, and why would they even think of wearing them out, who would waste their money on something like that?’ believe me, being the kind of girl who can’t step out of the door before looking at herself in the mirror 3 times before changing her outfit once again, it’s something that i will always question.

And so, even the most tragic fashion is as beautiful and unique as upcoming and trending fashion, because it is individual and exclusive to the one person, however they may dress.


[written for my english class]

[all opinions stated are personal and are not intended to offend anyone]


Chels xxx


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