5 simple & easy back to school hairstyles

IMG_0689 2


Hey babes,


So for me,

school goes back in 2 days,



And i guess i’m kind excited,

except for the fact that i haven’t even had a look at my holiday homework

*and by that i mean i don’t even know what homework i have*




here are some quick and easy hairstyles

for school!


enjoy xx



IMG_0705 IMG_0704IMG_0703IMG_0701IMG_0702



Wanna be cute and quirky?

i suggest you go for the space buns!


They’re probably the quirkiest hairstyle you could do..

and they’re super easy!!!




IMG_0698   IMG_0697 IMG_0696  IMG_0700  IMG_0690  IMG_0694 IMG_0693    IMG_0691

tbh, the high pony is my fave hairstyle to wear to school!

It’s mega simple to do..

but look so effective!



i think the high pony looks best with beachy waves or straight hair!


// THE HALF UP HALF DOWN [with a twist] //

IMG_0624 IMG_0625 IMG_0626

Who doesn’t love wearing half up half down?

Show off that hair….

own it gal!


This is a mega simple hairstyle,

which i usually do on the bus like 30 seconds before it stops at school


Remember to pull out some pieces from the pulled up bit for a more casual and messy look!


// THE TWIST BRAID // [with steps]



1 // take a section of hair from a deep side part


2 // split that section into two


3 // twist the two pieces over each other


4 // grab a loose section of hair from either side of the two sections,

so that it becomes part of the two pieces…


5 //  and twist over each other like in step 3..

keep repeating until you get to the middle of your ear


6 // Now grab another loose section of hair, roughly the same amount as the two pieces you already have

so now you should have three pieces!


7 // now just do a normal milkmaid braid down until you run out of hair to grab


8 // plaiting and grabbing loose pieces every time you cross a piece of hair over


9 // And just plait all the way down, and you’re done!



IMG_0647   IMG_0646 IMG_0645   IMG_0644 IMG_0649 IMG_0654 IMG_0655 IMG_0650  IMG_0651    IMG_0653


// THE TWIST // [with steps]


1 // start off by grabbing a section of hair


2 // now start twisting that piece of hair away from your face


3 // when twisting, start picking up loose pieces of hair from the front of your head, adding to the original twist


4 // Do this until you reach the hair at the top of your ear…

once you’ve reached your ear, keep twisting the hair close to your head,

if you twist it in front of your face,

it won’t work when you pull it back into a pony tail


5 // Now just pull it back into a pony tail, and you’re done!



IMG_0674 IMG_0673        IMG_0675 IMG_0681 IMG_0682 IMG_0676  IMG_0683 IMG_0684  IMG_0680 IMG_0685



Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 3.02.53 pm




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