Organisation + Room Decor tips

Hey there gorgeous gals,


Today i have a fun little post for you,

to help you organise and re-do your room!


Recently i went out and bought a few little things for my room,

and it all came to under $50,

which is an upside!


So let’s get started!




IMG_0456  IMG_0462 IMG_0472IMG_0495


Step One | De-clutter

// Start off by removing everything from your desk/shelf

// Next Chuck out anything you don’t want. What’s the point of having things on your desk if you don’t want/use them?


Step Two | Organise

// What i do next, is i organise my things into categories (i.e. Magazines, posters, plants)


Step Three | Plan

// Now i draw out on a piece of paper how i want my desk to look with everything on it


Step Four | Re-do

// Now just add everything back to your desk, however you want..


[ my tips ]

– Stack your magazines one on top of the other, then place favourite books standing up beside them (see first photo)

– Create a wall collage using favourite quotes/images (hanging these with wash tape always looks good!)

– Hang some kind of garland up (download your free one here)

– PLANTS! plants are a fab way of creating the space feel very warm and cozy

– Make sure everything is on display! Don’t hide anything behind something else. If this mean having to stack things on top of each other, go for it! Just make sure to go bigger down the bottom,  smaller up the top!

– Don’t be afraid to keep re-arranging your desk. Your interests and likes change, which means that changing up your desk will give you a fresh start, and will hopefully motivate you….





Step One | Clean

// Your bedside table is like your desk, but obviously your’e not going to have as much on it

// So start to de-clutter! Remove everything, and give your desk a good clean


Step Two | Gather

// Gather everything you want on your desk (i.e. Favourite magazines, books, plants)


Step Three | Re-do

// Now it’s just a matter of placing everything back on your desk, and you’re ready to go!


[ my tips ]

– Only have about three magazines/books at a time on your desk, stacked from biggest to smallest…remember,

odd numbers always look better!

– Plants always look great on your bedside table! Go for something simple and not too busy!

– You really should only have 4-5 different things on your desk at a time. For me this is:

magazines/books, a candle, a plant, a calendar, and a quote (which i just stuck on using wash tape)

– Make sure everything is straight and aligned, don’t turn anything and make it wonky. When things are in line they always look a lot nicer and more minimalistic.



IMG_0522 IMG_0523

Guys the denture tablets are for my retainers, don’t worry ^^

IMG_0530 IMG_0531


Step One | De-clutter

// Remove everything from your bench and cupboards

// Clean all of the surfaces to get all of the dirt off, ew…


Step Two | Re-organise

// Throw away anything you don’t use or anything that’s empty/broken


Step Three | Purchase

// Purchase organisers suitable for the things you have.

// If you can, buy containers that can stack on top of each other..

i got mine for about $5 each!


Step Four | Replace

// Now just place everything into a container and slide it into your draws


[ my tips ]

– if you’re buying a container for your makeup, purchase a clear container, this will make it a lot easier to see what you have

– Buy containers that stack on top of each other, this makes it a lot easier to get into your cupboards to find what you need

– Buy containers that suit what you have

– Find some organisers that come with dividers, this makes it a whole lot easer to organise and separate jewellery etc.

– When organising nail polish, cut out tiny squares of labels and place a dot of of that nail colour on the label/sticker, then just place this on top of the nail colour, and organise by colour/brand! It’s that easy… (see image one)



IMG_0535IMG_0575IMG_0538 IMG_0541 IMG_0551


Step One | Find

// Find a blank wall you want to dress up a bit


Step Two | Collect

// Gather things such as quotes, photos, tags etc. that you want to place up onto your wall

// Now just get some blu-tack and you’re fave washi tape to hang the things up with


Step Three | Re-arrange

// Find a flat surface that you can have a play around with your images on

// Re-arrange and design the way you want your things to look on your wall before you place them up


Step Four | Place

// Now just place up all your images that you organised in the step before


[ my tips ]

– Place the images at eye level, this way you’ll be able to see them lot easier

– Using washi tape is a really good idea, because it peels off easy without peeling off any paint from the walls

– Separate your images and make sure you place them at different levels, this will make it a lot more interesting to look at

– Hang posters with blu-tack instead of washi tape, this will make sure that it doesn’t fall down, and it also looks nicer

– Make sure you have a range of images and quotes, you don’t just want all quotes!

– Find interesting and unique ways to hang photos.. for example i hung my polaroid photos using small pegs that i found for $3 a packet



IMG_0602IMG_0605 IMG_0611


Step One | Purchase

// Purchase a 12 month planner

// Find a 1 or 12 month wall planner – Mine is from Frankie


Step Two  | Organise

// Start to organise your planner

// Add in special dates such as birthdays, family events, school holidays etc


Step Three | Commit

// Commit to filling in your planner everyday


[ my tips ]

– Leave your planner by your bedside table so that you have easy access to it

– Try to find a planner with stickers that say ‘birthday’ or ‘family event’ i found mine at office works for $20

– Keep a pen on your wall calendar so that you can write things down quickly and easily (see image one)

– Find a planner that you love looking at, this will motivate you to fill it out!



I hope you enjoyed this post,

i know it’s long,

and they’re is a lot of reading,

But i hope that some of these tips helped!


Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 3.02.53 pm



IMG_0490 IMG_0492




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