Autumn Tag / I Heart Fall Tag

Hey gorgeous gals,


Today i have another tag for you all! 

I really enjoyed answering these questions about autumn

and i hope that you also enjoy these kinds of posts….


Feel free to do this also!

enjoy xx



Favourite thing about Autumn?

Probably the changing colour of the leaves, 

staying in bed all weekend with a lit candle and a good movie or book

and also the type of clothing and style… I love the dull/neutral colours of autumn…


Favourite drink?

Chamomile tea or a takeaway latte

(idk why, but i love the feeling of holding a warm takeaway cup in your hands when it’s cold) 


Favourite candle?

At the moment it’s the limited edition ‘black tulip and kakadu plum’ candle from Ecoya… 

it’s not very autumn-y, but i love it!


Best Lipstick?

To be honest, i’m not a massive lipstick wearer (if that’s even a word, aha)… but i have to say that for autumn i absolutely love anything plum coloured or a dark maroon, i think the colours just tie in so well with the season, and work with basically any autumn outfit!


Go to moisturiser?

I love anything light and something that doesn’t feel to greasy, at the moment my favourite is the ‘formula 10.0.6 gel moisturiser’

It’s very light and smooth, which i find is a good kind of moisturiser to have, especially for the colder months. 


Go to colours for the eyes?

Not a huge fan of wearing eye shadow to be honest, but i would say anything bronze or brown…

anything from the naked palette really…


Favourite band or singer?

Especially in the colder months i prefer listening to quieter, slower music,

Some of my favourite autumn artists include; James Vincent McMarrow, Chet Faker and Daughter


Favourite outfit to wear?

At home it would be either an oversized top and long socks, or trackies and a comfy hoodie..

Outside of home it would be dark wash denim jeans, a khaki jacket, a plain grey top and black converse (go to outfit tbh!) 


Favourite place to be?

Snuggled up at home with a good movie and some sort of warm drink and unhealthy snack, aha…



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