DIY tag tree + hanging branch

Hey lovelies,


I’m so so excited for this post,

mainly because it’s another DIY



In this post i’ll be showing you how you can create your very own tag tree,

as well as a hanging branch thingie,

i’m not sure what to call it!



I’m so so in love with how both of these branches look in my room!

They’re so minimalistic,

which means that they’ll work in practically any room!



let’s get started!




you will need:

-a light weight branch

-white paint (optional)

-a medium and a small sized paintbrush

-a container or pot to place your branch into



Before you start painting,

make sure you spray the branch with fly spray so that you kill any bugs that may be living on the branch

(i know, creepy thought)


Now you can start painting!


This process will take a while if you have a decently large branch like i did.

You do need to rotate the branch and find different positions to hold it at in order to paint every side of the branch.


and yes, this is a very messy DIY


This is an optional step… depending on what you want to hold your branch in.

anyways, if you want to do this step, keep reading….


Whilst you’re waiting for your branch to dry,

you can start on your holder.

Wrap the painters tape around the holder

as high, or low as you want


Then just paint around the bottom making sure to keep within where the tape ends

also don’t rip off the painters tape until the paint is dry, otherwise the line won’t be straight..

This may take a second layer of paint depending on the material of the holder.







Then just fill the holder with sand, or if you want, an oasis block

and make sure to compact the sand so that the branch doesn’t move around!


Then find the perfect spot for it!

I chose my bedside table,

but you could put it on your desk, or even on the ground in a corner.




Then just go ahead and add your tags!!










you will need:

-a short, fat branch

-some sort of string








Start off by cutting a short 10cm length of your chosen string.

And placing a small amount of glue onto the branch.




so this is two steps in one because i forgot a photo, whoops.

now start wrapping the string around the branch making sure to press down where the glue is.


Now cut a larger length of string, about 40-50 cm.

place the string in a loop over the branch, making sure it is equal length on both sides,

and double knot at the branch.




Complete the same step, but on the other side of the branch




And you’re done!

just blu-tack it to your wall, or if you’re allowed, hang it from your ceiling!




You can hang anything off of it!

Tomorrow’s outfit…..




An outfit you love…




Or just hang it up as a decoration!




Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 12.02.17 pm


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