Interview with Taylor from taylored-fashion

Hey babes,

So today i have another interview for you,

this time with Taylor from taylored-fashion


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Taylor is such a nice and kind hearted girl who I’ve been talking to for the past week of so..

Taylor is so so creative and has the best fashion sense!

Defiantly check out her blog!

I love it so so much!

Let’s get started …

1. Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Taylor. I’m 15, a sophomore in high school.I live in California and I’ve loved fashion since I was little!
2. Who or what inspires you?
I like celebrity fashion. There are so many different ‘genres’ of fashion that I love so they come from different sources. Bohemian, I look to Vanessa Hudgens, Everyday Edgy I like Kendall and Kylie and follow them on insta.
3. If you could meet any famous person, who would it be?
I’ve played soccer since I was 3, so I love the girl soccer players! Alex Morgan would be my pick!
4. What’s happens in the average day of Taylor?
On a weekend, I wake up at about 9:45 and eat breakfast. Do a couple chores, then I will hang out with a friend or friends. When I come home and do some blogging, or surfing the internet, then dinner with the fam. Sometimes if I don’t have afternoon plans I will have night plans like a movie or dinner. After that I get some sleep! Not super exciting aha!
5. What are two childhood memories you remember the most?
When I would dress up in silly princess clothes and say that I’m ‘fashion coolest’. Also, just being fascinated with little cute babies and dolls!
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6. What provoked you to start blogging?
I’ve kinda always wanted to start one, but I’d always been really busy. Then I was watching an episode of Modern Family, and the daughter started a blog and it brought the idea to the front of my head and so I finally started one! more details are in my blog post, The Beginning 
7. Top 5 favourite songs/artists at the moment 
I rarely find a band where I like all the songs, so generally I have lots of songs from a wide array of artists. 
Currently loving:
Fluorescent Adolescent by Arctic Monkeys
Breezeblocks by alt-J
Fitzpleasure by alt-J
Million Dollar Bills by Lorde
Glory and Gore by Lorde
there is so many more!!!! it was tough to choose only five, you can see the rest of my playlist on my blog!
8. What do you want to do/be when you’re older?
I want to be a nurse! So random, I know, but I’ve always been interested in medical stuff and I think it is just so cool! I wanted to be a stylist for a while but the salary isn’t the best and it is all about your ‘name’ and fame and popularity
9. What movie have you seen the most amount of times?
Twilight, I know I know, terrible meaning and writing but I just love it haha
10. If you could only watch one tv show for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Grey’s Anatomy, haha again with the medical stuff, but it is a great show!
Hope you enjoyed!
What do you want to see next on uhmchelsea?
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