Hey babes,


so today i have some of my inspiration to show you..




Also as you may know, i own Taro Magazine, and i’m starting to create issue three….

so if you would like to get involved, chuck me an email at-


anyways, lets get started


So heres some photos from Pinterest that i adore and take inspiration from.

I hope that you can take inspiration from them too,

i just think that the organisation and layout of what’s in the photos, is so absolutely gorgeous.

I also adore the colours used!


01a1a2c09c7c9fca03c3f30f10b150b5     9b87179d4f508f3cfebc351ba0c85e79


946a9dd4ad5af3f57ef9be701836dbb4     495106c21b58d54aa08214a0573908aa     842434cff5475652c27652603816b196

c26d8ae04bfded478565ecd933c1d420      f6c1589ed3055d06dd1df672d659a731


I also adore this gorgeous image by Lizzie Mackay





I hope you enjoyed this quick post!

Lots of Love,

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 12.02.17 pm


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