DIY Pineapple Garland


Hey babes,

So i’m so excited because i have a DIY for you today, yay!

And it’s a pineapple garland, which makes it even better!

So let’s get started …

Before you get started, download and print the free template here


What will you need?






1 //

Start off by cutting out the pineapple bases and heads from the template,

don’t worry about being too precise!


2 //

I know its hard to see,

But next, flip over the templates and place the green of the pineapple on the back of the base,

and stick down using tape.


3 //

Place the pineapples front down, and space out however you want.

Place the sting above the pineapples, making sure to leave about 10-15 cm at the end, so it can hang.


4 //

Once you have the pineapples spaced out as much as you want,

place them under the sting line, and tape down one-by-one to the sting.


And there you go!

Your very own Pineapple Garland.

If you would like to make your garland longer,

Print out a second copy of each template, and follow the same steps, but making the sting longer.

I would love to see a photo if you did this!

Send it to me through Instagram (@chelssearosee) or via the contact button on my blog!

Until the next post,

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 12.02.17 pm


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