Beauty Favourites

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Hey babes,

So today on uhmchelsea, i have a list of my top beauty favourites for you…

enjoy! x


Formula 10.0.6 // these products are miracle workers!

I’d always had a good face wash, and i thought it worked okay, and then i discovered this brand, and i haven’t stopped using my products.

I own-

‘Best face forward’ daily cleanser

‘One smooth operator’ pore cleaning face scrub

‘Picture perfect day’ gel moisturiser with SPF 15

and ‘Rescue me’ spot acne blemish treatment.

+ they have really cute packaging, which is always an upside.

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Sportsgirl lipstick in ‘Fruit Tingle’ // Thanks to the fab Shelby, this lipstick has become really popular, and now i see why!

I fell in love with this lipstick from the moment i bought it! When i was deciding which lipstick i wanted, i was really hesitant towards getting this colour, but i’m so so glad i did!

It’s a real spring/summer colour, and goes with practically everything i wear! It just makes the outfit look super cute, and the colour always makes me happy!


Maybelline New York ‘Instant age rewind concealer’ // This stuff is so good!

So i started to hear about this because of several beauty guru’s on YouTube, lots had bought it, and loved it.. so i decided to give it a go! And i’m glad i did!

I don’t really have bad under eye circles, which is what it is made for, I mainly use it around my nose, because i always get really bad red patches around the bottom of my nose, and this product hides them so so well! It has maximum coverage, without making it feel like it’s caked on!

If your looking for a fab concealer, i suggest this!


Maybelline New York ‘Dream pure BB cream’ // I wear this practically everyday!

This is a fab BB cream, which doesn’t cake on, but can be built up, and it covers red patches and pimples so well!

I have the one in light for oily skin, and i love it!


The body shop ‘Coconut body butter’ // This is the best smelling thing, omg

So i stole this off my mum, and i hope she doesn’t mind, because i’m not giving it back, that’s for sure!

This is my favourite body butter out of the three i have! It re-hydrates your skin so well, and smells so good! omg.

I usually use this after i get out of the shower, or after i shave..


Avon ‘Super shock mascara’ // My favourite mascara for making it look like you have no mascara on

This is such a good mascara for me, because i’m really not into the clunky looking mascara, and this applies so evenly and perfectly, with one coat it looks like your wearing nothing, but still darkens your eyelashes! which i love.

I actually got this as a free gift in a magazine, and i’m nearly out…..


L’oréal Paris ‘Ever crème, nourishing leave-in spray’ // This is magic for my hair!

This stuff works so well in getting the knots out of my hair. After i get out of the shower, i just spray this in my hair, mostly on the ends, then comb it out…. it’s seriously that easy!

It makes your hair feel so soft and nourished! Defiantly re-purchasing!


Natio ‘Liquid eye liner’ // This is so fab! i just love it..

Natio is such an amazing brand, and their liquid eye liner is no exception.

Although i think i would personally prefer felt tip eyeliner, i love this for a dramatic look!

The one thing i don’t like about this is that all of the eyeliner gets stuck in my lashes when I’m applying it, but it’s not hard to get out, so no biggie!


Rosebud Perfume company inc. ‘strawberry lip balm’ // Best birthday gift ever!

I absolutely adore this lip balm + it smells absolutely amazing, and omg, i just love it!


Thanks for reading babes, until my next post xoxo

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4 thoughts on “Beauty Favourites

  1. chels if you’re looking for a good mascara and a better liquid liner, i suggest covergirl clump crusher its super natural and not clumpy at all, and maybelline master precise liquid liner, its felt tip and really easy to use xx

  2. Thankyou so much for recommending the Formula 10.0.6 products! I discovered them because of you! They smell so yummy and work so well! A great mascara that’s not clumpy and waterproof is the Maxfactor False Lash effect mascara. And Rimmel Apocolips (lip products) and Burt’s Bees are both great as well! Love your blog Chelsea! xx

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