Room Tour

Hey babes,

So today i have a room tour for you!



So this is what my room looks like when i walk into my room. My room is on the second story of my house.

IMG_6641 IMG_6642

IMG_6650 IMG_6649

To the left i have my mirror and shelves, as well as my calander and 2014 planner from Frankie, and just some photos and bags.

IMG_6643 IMG_6644 IMG_6646

Then to the right i have my desk, which i love! the desk is from Officeworks, and the chair is from Ikea!

I also made the tassels myself.

IMG_6653 IMG_6654IMG_6656 IMG_6657

Then i have my gorgeous teardrop garland from A little birdy blog 

As well as ‘Love’ letters from Typo, DIY tissue paper pom poms and DIY flags.

IMG_6658 IMG_6660

My far pillowcases are from Adairs and the closer ones are from Morgan and Finch

I’m not too sure where my doona cover is from though.


Then hanging from my light i have my Typo lanterns, with DIY pom poms and tassels hanging off.

IMG_6667 IMG_6665 

My bedside table and bed frame are sets from Forty Winks

And on my bedside table i just have my elephant sculpture from Morgan and Finch, a candle, plant and an alarm clock.

I also place my current reading material on my table, right now i have the current issue of Frankie and Yen, as well as the Book Thief, which i am still yet to start.

IMG_6672 IMG_6674IMG_6675 IMG_6678

I’m lucky enough to have a bathroom in my room, which i’m so grateful for!

In my bathroom i have a makeup storage container from Howard’s Storage World, which i absolutely love, as well as a container from Ikea, which i store my brushes in.

And i just showed you the niche in my shower for some weird reason. ahaha.

IMG_6679    IMG_6684

And to finish off, i have my walk in robe to show you.

Im so grateful to have this! It’s just so convenient!

Well, i hope you enjoyed this room tour, i dunno, it seems like a quick post.


Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 12.02.17 pm


3 thoughts on “Room Tour

  1. Hey chelsea my names chelsea too how did you make you blog just wanting to know it’s okay if you don’t want to say ❁❂☽☯

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