50 facts about me

1. My middle name is Rose

2. I live a 4 minute walk from the beach

3. My 3 favourite songs at the moment are ‘Adore you’ by Miley Cyrus (I know….. don’t judge, but her songs are fab!) ‘The Phoenix’ by Fall Out Boy and the Boyce Avenue cover of ‘Stay’ by Rihanna

4. My idol is Audrey Hepburn

5. saying that ^^ my favourite movie is ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’

6. Some of my favourite artists include- Lorde, Imagine Dragons, Flume, Kanye West (praise the god!) San Cisco, Vance Joy, Disclosure, Chet Faker, Matt Corby, The jungle Giants, Arctic Monkeys + tonnes more, omg too many!

7. Im 14 years old, Turning 15 in March

8. Im going into year 10 this year

9. My favourite book would have to be ‘The perks of being a wallflower’ because you can read it over and over and it’s still interesting to read! But iv’e also fallen in love with ‘It’ by Alexa Chung, if you hadn’t have already noticed, aha.

10. I currently only have Rookie yearbook two

11. I have a really close group of friends from dancing, and we all get along so well and have the best times!

12. Us dancing girls have a fro-yo addiction! ^ i mean, who doesn’t?

13. My favourite instagram account at the moment is @freshlypickked

14. I love succulents, even though i always kill them, oops.

15. When i was little my favourite show used to be Hi-5…. comment or like if you loved them, lol, probs no one.

16. My favourite styles of dance are jazz, contemporary and classical… well thats all i do, so i should just say that i love them all!

17. I go to an all girls school

18. I want to travel to Machu Picchu SO BAD!

19. One thing on my bucket list is to throw a dart at a map, and go wherever the dart hits.

20. Ive seen snow in the Himalayas.

21. Iv’e been lucky enough to travel to places such as Vietnam, Hawaii, New York, India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Paris, London, Scotland and Turkey. And I’ve learnt so much from all my experiences, and am so grateful!

22. Im going to Greece for a couple of weeks and Singapore as a 3 day stopover in the middle of the year with my family!

23. I don’t like coconut water

24. I have three pen-pals

25. I own Taro Magazine [ @taro_magazine or http://www.i-m.co/chelssearosee/taro-mag/ ]

26. I slept with a toy penguin and blanket up until i was 13. lol @ me

27. I have a slight addiction to coffee and instagram.

28. My tumblr is http://www.freckled–fawn.tumblr.com

29. Ive never been apart of a fandom (i guess i have, only if the Tyler Oakley fandom counts)


31. troyler for life! anyone else ship troyler? I ship them hard.

32. My favourite beauty guru on youtube is Makeupbymandy24 because i just think she’s so genuine

33. I moved houses 10 months ago.


35. I used to have two videos up on my youtube channel, but they sucked, so i deleted them.

36. I hate showers (but yes, i still have them)

37. I used to own a fitness account on instagram… before everyone else made one, lol.

38. At the moment I’m trying to get my aerial

39. I have a really close relationship with my grandma

40. I used to call Mentone met-one when i was a kid.  (the train stop, i dunno if anyone knows what i’m talking about unless you’ve taken the train into Melbourne)

41. My family share a boat with our best friends.

42. This year at school I’m taking fabrics, business and VCE dance, which means i have spares, hella yeah!

43. My favourite class used to be German, because for 3 years by best-friend and i were in the same class, and we would muck around and video our teacher saying stupid stuff, and we’d pass notes around to each other, and i’d kinda cheat on my tests, and id pass by like 1% on every test cause i didn’t study till the night before, but i never got into trouble or got caught.  and omg it was the best 3 hours of my week! ily Krep and Jaymie.

44. I used to watch Pretty Little liars, but once i watched the episode where whatever his name is ‘the guy who’s engaged’ i dunno, is in the church and he gets hung or whatever and then he disappears, and then that chick gets attacked in the greenhouse, i dunno… but i watched that episode at like 12pm, and it scared the crap out of me, and iv’e only ever watched one episode since.

45. My dad always makes me laugh even with his dad jokes, omg and his accents, if only you could hear them.

46. I can’t stand mushrooms.

47. When I’m bored i post a lost of photos and videos to my snapchat story.. which my followers will blatantly see, aha.

48. The only dance stores i shop at are Bloch and Capezio

49. I made a hoodie in fabrics last year, and i put a sloth drawing on it, aha.

50. Well this took forever, last one- My family used to part-own a race horse. hehe

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 12.02.17 pm


One thought on “50 facts about me

  1. Hello! I just found your blog and I love it, I instantly followed!! 🙂 Your posts are so original and interesting, I’m really excited to read more 🙂 I also just followed you on instagram as @_zoefitzgerald_ haha! A little word of advice, maybe add a bloglovin widget to your blog so it’s easier for people to follow you 🙂 I’m super excited for your next post!

    Have a lovely day,
    Zoë xx

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