What’s on my iPad?


hey babes,

So today iv’e got a ‘What’s on my iPad’ for you.

I received my iPad mini in white for Christmas about two years ago, and omg, i don’t even know how i lived without it! I know that sounds horrible, but i use it all the time!

just a side note… any app that i have mentioned with an Asterisk (*) beside it, means i will talk in more detail about it


So here’s a tiny little overview of what’s on my iPad, and some of my favourite apps etc.

– First off, my lock screen background is from tumblr… or you can just search ‘papayas tumblr’ into google images.


– My home background is just a photo i took myself..

In the bottom section of my iPad i put all of my most used apps. These are –

Safari // for all you non-apple users out there, the internet

Music // pretty self explanatory

Tumblr // reblog or share photos

Instagram // share your photos with your followers

Pinterest*  // bit like tumblr i guess… create folders and pin your favourite photos.


I place all of my apps in folders…

The folders i have, include-

Games // wreck this app, sunday lawn etc.

Social // snapchat, twitter etc.

Lifestyle // etsy, moleskin etc.

Photography // mirrored, shakePOLA etc.

Editing // whitagram, afterlight etc.


Some of my favourite apps include-




Photo transfer*

Wreck this app

VSCO cam*


Go ahead and edit your heart out with these editing apps-

Insta Collage // create collages with photos from your library

Whitagram // get the white borders on the sides of your photos for instagram posts

Squaready // Get a white square border around photos for your ig posts

Mirrored // Create a mirror effect with your photos

Superimpose* // my favourite editing app! layer your photos and merge them together

Skitch // draw on your photos

Afterlight // add cool effects and shapes to your photos

VSCO cam* // different effects to make your photos look more tumblr or grunge


**Now for more detail about some of my apps**

IMG_6463 IMG_6464

Pinterest // I much prefer Pinterest on iPad because it’s a lot easier to use and scroll through than on a computer, which is always good! On pinterest you create ‘boards’ and then pin your photos to your board/s depending on what the photo is.

So for example, i have a board titled ‘Kendall and Kylie Jenner fashion’

In this board i pin photos of the two girls’ fashion styles/random photos of them to get fashion and style inspiration. from. People can then follow me, and check out my board! If you want to check mine out, there is a Pinterest icon at the top of the sidebar of my blog, next to the twitter icon.


VSCO cam // I use this editing app for filters! There are not a tonne of filters/effects, but they are all really good for making your pictures look like the girly, rosy tumblr ones, or the more grunge ones!

If you want to check out what some of the filters look like, i suggest checking out @madisenrosebeauty1 and @makeupbymandy24 on Instagram

IMG_6466 IMG_6467


Superimpose // Probably my favourite editing app of all time!

So a friend got me onto this app, and i haven’t stopped using it since! Using superimpose you can grab a photo, and then create a new foreground photo, like I’ve done here ^^ and then crop it using the editing tools until you just have to outline of the photo you want! You can also keep repeating this process with many other layers, as I’ve done below

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 8.01.36 pm


The only down side to this app is that you first have to merge the two layers together before you can create another layer, which means that you can’t keep moving all of the edited photos around, which sucks, but if you know what you want in your photo and where you want it, you’ll be fine!

IMG_6470 IMG_6471


Photo transfer // this app is the best thing that has ever been released, and well worth the money, i promise!!!

So using this app, you can send or receive photos to your device.

For example, if i want to send photos to my computer from my iPad, i click on send, then pick what kind of device i want to send to. I then open up my computer and put in the internet address it tells you to go to. And as long as both your computer and device are set up to the same wifi, you’re all good!

The photos then download to the site, and all you have to do is right click > save, and you’re done!

I swear it’s the easiest and most helpful thing i’ve ever used!

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 12.02.17 pm


6 thoughts on “What’s on my iPad?

    • thanks babe! and, hope you got my contact… if you didn’t… thanks bunch for the nomination.. so what exactly is the award, and what am i supposed to do? aha chels x

      • Aw yeah, for sure! I did get your information, you’re already on my blog award nominee thing (:
        Just click the link that I put in my previous comment and the rules/questions are all right there!
        (It’s kind of like a tag, once you’re tagged you tag other blogs too).

  1. Ahh. Thanks :* I got more info about Editing Photos and I loved Pinterest also :* Thanks for your help 🙂

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